A City Deal for all: Creating a ‘good’ local economy in south Wales

With a City Deal proposal in the pipeline, can south Wales forge a vision of a community-centric local economy? ‘This is our chance to do something different and we may not get it again.’ Those were the words of a delegate at the New Start, CLES and New Economics Foundation’s ‘Activating Local Alternative Economies’ event held in Cardiff in mid-September. This view was echoed by others at the event, hosted by the Wales Co-operative Centre, as they discussed how the area’s emerging City Deal could be used to build a ‘good’ local economy in the Cardiff region. Delegates – drawn from councils, community organisations, universities, and social businesses across the Cardiff region – spoke of an urgent need for a different approach to the local economy. South Wales was designated an assisted area in 1934, and is the only place in the UK to retain that status today Decades of … (To read more, subscribe below)

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Clare Goff

Clare Goff

Clare Goff is editor of New Start magazine

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